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Face to Fleece

Puppet Video Greetings

Particularly in our present circumstances, it's a wonderful thing to use the internet to keep in touch with friends and family.

With our custom video greetings, puppet virtual meetings or virtual play-dates you can send a personal message that takes "Warm and Fuzzy" to a whole new level.

Have a project in mind that doesn't fit into the "traditional" categories? Often times a client approaches us with a need for a video, uncertain of exactly what sort of video it should be.  Feel free to give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Get to know the puppets

Meet Allegra #VaudevillePuppets #Hippo Peter A. Cancilla#VaudevillePupppets #Puppetry#Meeting #Pupetry #Peter A. Cancilla

Puppet Virtual Meeting


Description: A live video chat, 1:1 or up to nine participants in a "Zoom" style video conference with one of the Vaudeville Puppets

For Family and Friends:

•  Simply brighten someones day with a 1:1 private chat,

• Spice up your regular family virtual ,

• Get the gang together, along with one of our puppetst; to celebrate and delight     that one guest of honor.

For the Work-Place:

• Boost morale, surprise the team by adding a latte character to the agenda.

• Brighten up a commonplace meeting

• Effectivly communicate a memorable message, have one of our spokes-puppets  update to your team, supplement/reinforce training initiatives, preset awards  or offer words of encouragemetn or congratulations to a stand-out team member. 

#Alegraty #puppetry

Virtual Puppet Play-Dates

Description: A live video chat, 1:1 or up to five children in a "Zoom" style video conference with one of the Vaudeville Puppets


Brighten up a rainy day or anytime your child is stuck indoors with little to do. Sure its still a screen its interactive and encourages imaginative play. Invite four of your child's friends and make it a celebration.


Letters, counting, singing songs, we can plan to incorporate any educational facets into the conversation for your preschool aged child.

Bedtime or anytime, pick your child's favorite story turn the pages and show the pictures while one of the Vaudeville Puppets tells the tale.

#AllegraLongfellow #Allegraty

Personalized Video Greetings

Custom Greeting

Tell us what you'd like us to say to your special someone, Happy Birthday, Get well, Thinking about you, Words of Encouragement; select your favorite Vaudeville Puppet and they will produce a personalized video, shareable on all social media platforms.

Deluxe Greeting

Fill out our questionaire or take the time to chat with us in a brainstorming session. We will write and develop an original song or sketch featuring the Vaudeville Puppet of your choice and deliver it in a personalized video for your someone on their special day; or ordinary day made-special.


Congratulations on your H.S. Graduation

Featuring: Allegra

Happy Birthday, adult                   

Featuring: Prof. Monster Johnson 

Happy Birthday, child                   

Featuring: Allegra

Happy Birthday, adult                   

Featuring: Brown Beauty

Happy Birthday, child


Featuring: Anna's Pig                                                        

Happy Birthday, adult                   

Featuring: Allegra

Happy Birthday, adult

Featuring: Miles                                                                 

Happy Birthday, child


Featuring: Allegra                                                                   

Happy Birthday, adult


Featuring: Prof. Monster Johnson & Allegra                     

Happy Birthday, child                   

Featuring: Allegra

Get Well Soon, adult                     


Featuring: Allegra 

Happy Birthday, adult                   

Featuring: Allegra

Happy Birthday, adult             

Featuring: Allegra