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Vaudeville News



Minute Man National Historical Park to premiere

"The Midnight Ride of Me and Paul Revere"

Concord, Massachusetts, Minute Man National Historical Park will debut the new film, The Midnight Ride of Me and Paul Revere throughout the day on Saturday, April 18, 2015 in the Blue theater at Minute Man Visitor Center. The show will be part of Patriot’s Weekend and Junior Ranger Day activities, as well as a feature for National Park Week, April 18th to the 26th at the park. 


A production of Vaudeville Pictures, the film’s creators Bob Lawson, a Concord resident, videographer and history buff, and Peter A. Cancilla, owner of Boston-based production company Vaudeville Pictures, began the project on Patriots Day 2013, and filmed in many of the actual locations portrayed in the tale.

“When Peter brought me on for a new film for his Vaudeville Puppets Holiday Series, he envisioned the 4th of July story,” said Bob Lawson, co-producer and screenwriter. “I told him if you want to do a story of our country’s birth, let’s make it about Patriot’s Day and shoot it right here in Concord. Paul Revere’s ride and the ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ are iconic in American history and we are lucky enough to live here where it all happened.”

“As a puppeteer-filmmaker, I aim to have my characters appeal to both adults and children. It’s a fun film, and you get a bit of an education too,” reflected Peter A. Cancilla, the film’s co-producer and director. “Telling this story put nearly my entire cast of puppets to work. And I had to create a new puppet- Paul Revere’s horse, Brown Beauty. It was one of the more challenging puppets I’ve ever built, but the character is a blast to perform.”

“The initial idea was to base much of the film on Longfellow’s poem, Paul Revere’s Ride”, says Lawson. “But then I came upon Steve Martin’s song, Me and Paul Revere which tells the story from the viewpoint of the horse.  I matched up Longfellow with Brown Beauty, and it was off to the races! Peter’s puppet magic and lots of fun music make this a really special short film.”

On Monday, April 20th at 12:00pm noon, you can meet the filmmakers and learn about the art of puppetry, filmmaking and what it was like to create a project with live action, puppets and music.

Admission to the Minute Man Visitor Center and the movie are free and will be shown continuously throughout the week.

For more information about Minute Man National Historical Park visit or call 781-674-1920. The Minute Man Visitor Center, 250 Great Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts 

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Now Playing Operation! 5000: The MGH Trailer

Operation! 5000 has been successfully promoting the employee picnic as well as the My Giving Helps campaign to MGH employees. Now you can see it for yourself here




The MGH Epic Trailer

In collaborating with Massachusetts General Hospital over the years, one highlight has been producing the video component to their My Giving Helps employee fundraising campaign. For the past three years, Vaudeville Pictures has produced a music video, which features employees’ voices and talents. For the 2014 campaign, MGH wanted to keep the tradition of presenting something energetic and a little off beat, but also try a new approach. Producer Peter A. Cancilla pitched the idea of creating a “summer blockbuster” movie trailer advertising the unique competition that will be held at the 2014 employee's day picnic which will kick off the fund raising effort.  



Community Conscience Cost Saving: The Women of Means Story

Women of Means is a medical service provider for elderly women, mothers, and their children, who count on shelters for safety and survival. Vaudeville Pictures has produced a heartfelt informative short film detailing the dedication of founder Dr. Roseanna Means and her fellow medical professionals through their own words and through the words of the women they serve. “It is our hope that this short film will aid this organization, which relies solely on grants or private donations, in augmenting its resources and continuing their great work” comments Peter Cancilla, owner and lead producer of Vaudeville Pictures.


Vaudeville Pictures with Awesome and Alturistic Apparel Company

For years, Life is Good has been promoting their brand by word of mouth, one-of-a-kind festivals and events, and socially driven community building. Life is Good enlisted the services of  Vaudeville Pictures to help them to create a parody about late night infomercials detailing how a Life is Good T-shirt can improve one’s life . The final video was launched April 1, 2014 as an April Fool’s Day surprise. Check it out at



United Way's Thanksgiving Project Production

Hot off the completion of United Way’s children, youth, and family series, the Vaudeville Pictures’ lens once again has been pointed at this essential community organization. This time covering their annual Thanksgiving project, an event in which United Way coordinates nearly 1,000 individual, organization, and business volunteers in ensuring 5,000 families in Boston and its surrounding communities will enjoy a proper Thanksgiving feast.  Lead producer of Vaudeville Pictures, Peter A. Cancilla states, “I’m really proud to have been giving so many opportunities to show off the amazing work United Way does and what a wide scope their services cover. I look forward to a continued relationship with this fine organization.” Watch this event at


Vaudeville Pictures Proudly Takes on United Way as a Client

United Way provides support to children, youth, and families. Through a series of compassionate and inspiring short films, Vaudeville Pictures shows how United Way believes in fostering a strong community, which helps individuals to plan, grow and succeed in life.


Vaudeville Pictures Creates's Official First Feedback Video Spotlighting The Social Network

The team from Vaudeville Pictures has been spending a lot of time on Church Street in Harvard Square. The latest project was for the official first in's new series "First Feedback;" this installment featuring The Social Network. The field team manned two cameras across the street from AMC Loew's Harvard Square Theater, around the corner from Harvard University, awaiting the crowd from the 12:01am show to egress brimming with excitement and opinions. At 2:30am it happend, and with an eight hour turnaround from slating the first interview to delivery the spot was posted Friday afternoon and is available for viewing here:  [Producer/First Unit Director, Peter A. Cancilla;  Second Unit Director, Adam Franklin; Associate Producer, M. Margaret Maxwell]


Vaudeville Pictures Begins Production on Fire + ice Video

This evening is the first in Vaudeville's three-day production period for the Cambridge Fire + Ice Video Showcase. "It is particularly exciting because this coincides with the first Fire + Ice Karaoke night, hosted by DJ Paul Sacco of Party Music Masters," comments Peter Cancilla of Vaudeville Pictures, "Paul knows how to get the crowd involved, and he's not bad with a microphone himself, so it really should be a blast."  Those interested in being among the first to christen this brand new Karaoke stage are invited to visit Fire + Ice in Harvard Square tonight at 9:00pm, but rather than serenade on an empty stomach come early and first enjoy a great meal. You may even find yourself made famous by Cancilla's camera.


Vaudeville Pictures In Pre-Production on Fire + ice Showcase Video

Fire + ice in Harvard Square has commissioned Vaudeville Pictures to create a high-definition video loop to play on their new store-front screen on Church Street. "After touring the restaurant, I am inspired to present this exciting environment in action. I can already tell it will be a pleasure working with the outgoing patrons and fantastic staff of the Harvard Square Fire + ice," says Peter Cancilla of Vaudeville Pictures. The video will allow passersby to get an inside peek at this exotic and unique dining experience. Additionally, the video will showcase Thursday's Brazilian Dance Night, Friday's Latin Dance Night, and brand-new Tuesday night Karaoke hosted by longtime Vaudeville Pictures' friend DJ Paul Sacco of Party Music Masters


P.L.U.S. Group Homes and Vaudeville Pictures Brainstorm on Video Updates

It has been two years since the Vaudeville Pictures production crew toured all five of P.L.U.S.' group homes in the production of their agency fund raising video, which outlines the care and services they provide to autistic adults and their families throughout Long Island, NY. Much progress has been made since then including promotions and additions among the staff and, most notably, the opening of their sixth group home designed to accommodate elderly consumers.  Peter Cancilla has begun planning with the executive director and board members about how to update their existing video in order to reflect these exciting and important developments. View the current video here.